About Us

The NMPCU works closely with the Home Office, Telecommunications Industry, Law Enforcement Agencies and the Financial Sector. Our focus is the reduction of crimes involving the theft or handling of a mobile phone. We gather, develop and disseminate intelligence on Organised Criminal Groups and conduct proactive investigations in line with our agreed priorities.


  • Mulit-agency work encouraging the public to register their mobile phone's unique serial number, known as the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) on Immobilise.
  • Joint work with the Telecommunications Industry on mobile phone blocking, to ensure that stolen phones do not work in the UK.
  • Threat Assessments of new and emerging technologies and crime trends such as mobile phone thefts from music venues and festivals.


  • Provide the National Intelligence picture for phone related criminality: Lead, assist and/or advise upon investigations into projects with strategic national implications.


  • Develop tactics to support the investigation of Serious Violent and Acquisitive Crime.
  • To counter the exportation of stolen telecommunications equipment and devices.
  • To assist in the Policing and enforcement of the Recyclers Charter guiding principles with particular emphasis on companies not practicing an adequate form of due diligence.

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